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Man Of My Dreams? Who Knows! —

I admit it: I used to frown on people who looked for dates online. I thought it was only for the desperate, or at least for those who weren’t really serious about finding the right person. Boy, has my opinion changed! It took a little time, but I might have met the man of my dreams. Where did I meet him? Online.

I have found out many things during my online senior singles experience. The first is, trust your gut. If someone’s profile gives you pause, listen to what that little voice is trying to tell you. I didn’t at first and wound up on a date with one man who couldn’t hold a basic conversation, and another who was so in love with himself I started to wonder why he filled out a profile to begin with.

Not giving up, I went back online and really looked through the profiles. And guess what? I am now seeing a great guy. Is he the one for me long-term? Who knows! But I sure am having fun, and I highly recommend trying online sites to meet new and interesting people.

Carbonless Material —

For over many years NCR sets are one of the carbonless products on demand. With is leading provider of guaranteed, high quality for low cost for business forms, carbonless invoice forms, or multi-part forms. These personalize designs are guaranteed to meet your unique business or personal requirements. That can provide not only clear-cut and easy to read form for your consumers, but also provide your business with a professional and strong first impression. Carbonless products can provide an alternative to traditional form in carbon paper. With its standardize ink color, full color printing, wrap around covers, and non-standard paper sequence and forms. Therefore, allowing the carbonless product to eliminate the need for carbon paper between sheets to create multiple copies of the same items. Given you, the options to choose the style you want and you can be certain that you will receive a quality made product in the making.

Quick Change Of Heart —

When I was looking at the different designs that I can choose from on the internet, I really had no idea what to add to my house. So many people would give me suggestions but only a few of them would actually catch my eye. It took me a while to be able to find the right things for my home and so I just kept looking and looking until I came across the blinds. Though most people will admit that shutters Manchester are too expensive, I really was not that shocked. The prices were very affordable and I was not overwhelmed by the overall price. It took me a while to find the right design for my blinds but I was able to find on the internet. After a quick Google search, I was able to find the blinds that I have always wanted for my new house.

Improving Peripheral Vision —

I attended a circus workshop two years ago and I benefited from it a lot more than I thought that I would. One day I came across a juggling class while I was browsing online and I was interested right away.

The instructor advised me over the phone that this class helps the brain deal with grasping and reaching, including improving your over-all peripheral vision. The juggling process is well-known for its gentle exercise and the more you practice, the better you get.

Benefits Of Attending Juggling Classes

  • Will build up your self confidence
  • Improves the hand to eye coordination
  • Increases your reflex speed and sense of rhythm
  • A better sense of well-being and lowered stress

They also have these types of classes for children and I am getting ready to sign up my seven year old. He is very interested every time that I juggle anything around the house.

Record Keeping With A Twist —

The earnest young intern had been sent up from Human Resources with a shy smile under her perky nose. Even though she was an Art Major at the local college, she’d been assigned to Accounting this morning because the regular intern had called in sick at the very last minute.

The irritable Chief Accountant took one look at her resume and yelled in the phone for awhile, hung up, shrugged and pulled her out a chair from the receptionist’s desk.

“Just answer the phone and write messages on, on, uh…” the big beefy man looked helpless. “Oh, on one of these,” He handed her some invoice pads.

It quickly got busy. It was only a week until April 15 and honest taxpaying citizens were looking for loopholes.

The pretty intern never got flustered. She dutifully noted down names and figures on one invoice pad after another all day long.

They gave her some filing to do at the end of the day. She had been ready to go long before that. She just kind of stuffed some of the messages she never had gotten around to delivering here and there.

She never came to Accounting again. But Accounting had some interesting counting to do the next few weeks.

Oh Death O Demons —

I don’t remember much of what happened the first few months after my best friend died. Maybe it’s self-defense, my mind handling the emotions the best way it knows how: by forgetting.

A tragic car accident, the media called it. I still don’t watch the news, just let my girlfriend tell me.

My dad tried everything to help, from professional shrinks offering temporary relief in rattling bottles to back alley empaths blathering about “bad energy” as they lit scented candles for the sleep uk therapy.

The people at church avoided my eyes. I thought they were letting me grieve until I heard one say that she’d deserved it for being the abomination she was. I never went back.

“Anna,” my dad said one night, a year after, “Why do you hurt, child?”

I answered, “I can’t help it. I loved her….deeply.”

My old man gave me a hug. Great guy.

Too Hot to Handle —

In Florida the summers get really hot, and by that I don’t mean toasty. I mean ridiculously, blisteringly hot, where the sweat pours from every pore when you’re outside and you can get 2nd degree burns from 30 minutes of sun exposure. One time I was on a trip in Florida and the air conditioning Bury in my car went out as I was headed to Daytona Beach. There was no wind that day, so even though I put the windows down it provided little additional comfort. The second I arrived, parked, and got all my myriad stuff from the trunk I practically RAN to the beach. I quickly shed all my belongings into a heap in the sand and went to cool myself in the water, but the water wasn’t that much cooler until farther out. When I’d finally cooled off I went back to my stuff and put on sun block.