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Accurate Readings

Oh Death O Demons —

I don’t remember much of what happened the first few months after my best friend died. Maybe it’s self-defense, my mind handling the emotions the best way it knows how: by forgetting.

A tragic car accident, the media called it. I still don’t watch the news, just let my girlfriend tell me.

My dad tried everything to help, from professional shrinks offering temporary relief in rattling bottles to back alley empaths blathering about “bad energy” as they lit scented candles for the sleep uk therapy.

The people at church avoided my eyes. I thought they were letting me grieve until I heard one say that she’d deserved it for being the abomination she was. I never went back.

“Anna,” my dad said one night, a year after, “Why do you hurt, child?”

I answered, “I can’t help it. I loved her….deeply.”

My old man gave me a hug. Great guy.

Too Hot to Handle —

In Florida the summers get really hot, and by that I don’t mean toasty. I mean ridiculously, blisteringly hot, where the sweat pours from every pore when you’re outside and you can get 2nd degree burns from 30 minutes of sun exposure. One time I was on a trip in Florida and the air conditioning Bury in my car went out as I was headed to Daytona Beach. There was no wind that day, so even though I put the windows down it provided little additional comfort. The second I arrived, parked, and got all my myriad stuff from the trunk I practically RAN to the beach. I quickly shed all my belongings into a heap in the sand and went to cool myself in the water, but the water wasn’t that much cooler until farther out. When I’d finally cooled off I went back to my stuff and put on sun block.